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1000 Venetian Way
Miami Beach, FL, 33139
United States


The Posy delivers daily fresh floral arrangements (posies) in Miami, FL. Same day delivery and weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly floral subscriptions are also available. 


The Posy Purpose

The Posy’s purpose is simple: We want to make you a unique bunch of Posies that feels cool and different, without the stress of what type of Posy you should order, how to order, and what company you should order from.

About the Posy

The Posy is a unique floral delivery and subscription service that focuses on creating stunning Posies for their customers, without the hassle. The Posy takes the hassle out of searching for the perfect bouquet because we do it all for you. By picking out the freshest flowers per order, we are able to make fresh, gorgeous Posy arrangements that last you a long time. All we need from you is to choose the size Posy you want delivered and you’ll get a stunning Posy filled with an in-season, wide variety of flowers that are different than the norm. Our Posies will be slightly different every time you order, based on the seasonality of the flowers, what’s available that day from our markets, and of course, The Posy vibe that day.

The Posy Founder

The Posy creator, Zoë Galitz, is a Miami Beach, born & raised, chick whose creative soul and green fingertips (not just her thumb) have led her to open virtual shop as The Posy. After devoting her life to medicine and, specifically, working in the field of cancer research, Zoe realized it was time to switch it up. Though the field of cancer is an absolutely rewarding and inspiring one, it was a somber and difficult one to witness every day.

On a recent trip back home to Miami from New York City, Zoe got in an Uber at 4 AM to head to LGA. The Uber driver started making small conversation, while also reflecting on his knowledge of 16th and 17th century history (we know, random). He asked Zoe what she did for a living. While still half-asleep, when Zoe replied that she worked in cancer research, he empathized how saddening and hard that must be. He then proceeded to share some of that ancient history wisdom:

“During the Ottomon Empire, there were Emperors that ruled over their people. The Emperors used to tell their people who were in the profession of butchering, that they were only allowed to butcher 6 months out of the year. The other 6 months, he demanded they go work as gardeners, regardless if they wanted to or not. The purpose of the Emperor doing this was so his people would not lose themselves and their sense of life within their souls from being surrounded by death so consistently. He wanted his people to experience the other half of the year doing something that showed them life, and not just death.”

Ah, inspiring 4 AM Uber trips. Though Zoe had already begun executing the business of what would be The Posy, this friendly Uber driver further confirmed the decision to quit her hospital job and begin a new venture so full of life.

Where there’s death, there’s life; Now in the form of a Posy.