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1000 Venetian Way
Miami Beach, FL, 33139
United States


The Posy delivers daily fresh floral arrangements (posies) in Miami, FL. Same day delivery and weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly floral subscriptions are also available. 

The Polite Posy


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The Polite Posy


The Polite Posy

from 65.00

The Polite Posy sure is a sweet little something. Measuring slightly larger than the Petite Posy, it’s a perfectly polite thank you gift for that dinner party your mother-in-law threw last weekend, a get well soon sentiment, or to say ‘Happy 6 Months Babe!’ Filled with 4-5 different types of seasonal flowers, we’ll create you a Posy so politely stunning it’ll make all the southern girls swoon.


Jar: 4.75 inches, 16 ounces
Jar + Posy: About 10 inches

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Delivery & Care

Your Posy will be delivered with water and floral food already in the vase. It is also held together tightly, so rest assured it won’t fall apart when you continue to change the water over time.

To make sure your Posies live their fullest lives, please make sure to change the water daily (at most) and trim the stems half an inch at a 45-degree angle at least every other day. These instructions are noted on the Posy card that comes attached to your Posy, just in case you forget!


Posy Package
When you order a Posy Package, we’ll deliver Posies to your door weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on what you decide. Make sure you choose your first Posy delivery on the day of the week you want to continuously receive your Posies.

For example, if you order a monthly Posy and schedule your first one to be delivered on Tuesday, January 3rd, you will receive your next posy on Tuesday, February 7th, not February 3rd.  Since the calendar days change every month, we want to stay consistent and make sure you’re receiving your Posies on the day of the week you wish!

Please keep in mind that monthly posies require a 3-month minimum commitment.